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C&J Marketing Software Co.,Ltd provides professional services to every software provider. Now, we have already helped many software providers to open up Chinese Market and have a good reviews from our clients. We are specialized in the following services:

  • Software Localization
    We provides professional software localization for software providers: interface descriptions, customer support,website and so on, which make the product more suitable for consumer behavior in China.

  • Software UI Design
    We are proficient in UE(User Experience) and provide a more user-friendly software UI and operational processes for the End-Users based on the function of software and the service as well as other market research.

  • Software Function Extension
    According to the market research, we can know the change of the demands of the users all the time. Thus we can provide a suitable demand analysis to follow the demands.

  • Webdesign
    We design and develop websites according to the latest standards and demands. We focus on the end-users experience and demands.

  • OEM
    A professional marketing team specializes in market research and aims to the software market demands to promote for software developers, so that every software developer can focus on developing more better programs. This is a win-win cooperation for both of us.

  • Create Brand Awareness
    We not only do a simple software distribution, but we are also thinking about a brand awareness for software that boosts brand recognition. With this brand awareness, we can win more business opportunity and benefit.

  • Customize Distibution Mode
    If you have any questions or suggestion about software distribution, we will peronalized a distribution mode accroding your condition.
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